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What happens when 111 extremely talented young musicians come together, supported by great coaches, 3 conductors, and an excellent staff, to explore and play one of Mahlers most gigantic, most difficult and most personal symphonies…?

Well, it results in an excellent orchestra of extreme openness and superb quality, in which musical and human boarders just don’t seem to exist…

Keywords of these period became special. Open up. Speak out. Support. Communication. Trust – yourself and your colleagues. Focus. Connection. Emotion. Energy. Keywords for making music. Keywords for life.

“They didn’t know it was impossible, so they just did it” (Mark Twain). Well, yes, true. They did it. AND HOW.

Mahler grooves. And NJO rules!!!

Look here for our project M6-live with light designer Teus van der Stelt: